The Examiners

Driving Examiners

DSA examiners do not come from Hell but from the DSA training school in Cardington, Bedfordshire. Where they are rigorously trained to examine a candidate’s driving abilities to a nationally agreed standard.

Examiners do not have an easy job, they put up with all sorts of insults from the public. They are there to pass you as long as your driving is of the required standard. There are no quotas or bad test centres etc. These are just excuses put up by people who have not passed their test. At the start of your practical test the marking sheet is blank, only you can give the examiner reason to put pen to paper. The only people that moan about the system are those that fail their test. You never hear anyone say “I shouldn’t really have passed” for whatever reason

Theory Test

Unlike some other companies we insist that you have passed your theory test before you start your practical driving course…
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Practical Test

The practical driving test lasts for about 40-minutes and will take place in one of the Driving Test Centres within the North West of England…
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Pass Plus

When you have passed your practical driving test you should consider taking a one day Pass Plus course. Pass Plus is designed to enhance your skills in six areas…
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