Is a 1-2-1 Course For Me?

Is a 1-2-1 Course For Me?

Some driving schools will tell you that to have two pupils in the car is the best way to take an intensive driving course. Is that best for you or the driving school? They get two lots of tuition fees whilst using only one car. You get your “behind the wheel” tuition time in the car divided by two. We will leave it to you to work out which deal is most beneficial to you. The DSA recommend that you should have at least 40 hours of driving lessons before going for your driving test. Will you have had anywhere near that amount of hours behind the wheel if you don’t go 1-2-1.

We believe that a 1-2-1 residential intensive driving course can yield excellent results over other accelerated learning methods. Everyone makes mistakes whilst learning a new skill, it is part of the learning experience, but not everyone is prepared to make those mistakes in front of other pupils,

therefore :-

To avoid any embarrassment choose a 1-2-1 course.

If you want the undivided attention of your instructor then choose a 1-2-1 course

If you want all your tuition time “behind the wheel” then choose a 1-2-1 course

Theory Test

Unlike some other companies we insist that you have passed your theory test before you start your practical driving course…
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Practical Test

The practical driving test lasts for about 40-minutes and will take place in one of the Driving Test Centres within the North West of England…
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Pass Plus

When you have passed your practical driving test you should consider taking a one day Pass Plus course. Pass Plus is designed to enhance your skills in six areas…
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